Welcome to the Certified Organic Farm

The farm is located in Barangay Adya, Ibaan with the entrance at the boundary of Lipa City and Ibaan, Batangas. It covers 16 hectares of productive agricultural land, where diverse varieties of plantation, fruits and cash crops are grown.

Our organic fertilizer, Vermicast is both FPA registered (#01-1864-11) and OCCP certified (# 0039AI10). A pioneer product not only in the Philippines but in South East Asia, our organic rice seeds are certified as well by OCCP (#005111).

The farm has several structures built to support its diverse production activities.

These include:

  • A Training/Seminar House
  • A Laboratory
  • Organic Free-Range Chicken Sheds
  • 2 Windmills (to pump up underground irrigation water)
  • 9 Tropical Greenhouses (that harbor valuable worm castings)
  • Vermi Processing Shed (that stores tons of Vermicast)
  • A Seedling Nursery Greenhouse
  • Fish Ponds for Hito, Tilapia and Koi
  • A Gazebo surrounding the garden