Who We Are

Welcome to Kahariam Farms, a family owned organic farm in the Philippines. The name “Kahariam” was created by taking a syllable from the farm owners children: KAHLIL, HANNA, RIA and HYRAM. The farm was just for personal consumption of the family due to their interest in health and nutrition. But this passionate hobby of farming has now become a full-fledged certified organic farm that aims to share the importance of eating right through organic food.

The farm is located in Barangay Adya, Lipa City with its entrance between Barangay Calamias of Ibaan and Barangay Calamias of Lipa City.

  • Area Planted: 2 Hectares > Vermicast Used: 0.25 Ton

    Benefits: Seedlings had higher vigor when transplanted in the field. Vermicast provided growth promoters that enable the seedlings to growth faster and healthier compared to those without vermicast.
  • Crop: Amplaya > Area Planted: 1.5 Hectares >Vermicast Used: 2Ton

    Benefits: The fruits became larger and heavier that 3 pieces weigh more than a kilogram.
  • <Crop: Hot Pepper ( Jango Variety ) > Area Planted: 1.25 Hectares > Vermicast Used: 1 Ton

    Benefits: A total of 34-44 Tons of hot peppers was harvested for the whole crop period.
    Bobot Baluyot
    Location: Brgy. Dagatan, Lipa City