The Earthworm Haven

Kahariam's Vermi Farm

Our Vermicast is one of the few organic fertilizers approved for organic rice & vegetable production. This product is both FPA registered and OCCP certified.

Four years ago, the vermi farm was only occupying the vermi shed and vermi processing shed areas. However, due to high potential of the technology as a source of valuable soil ameliorant and high demand for compost worms due to the increasing interest on organic crop production; the coverage area used for vermiculturing expanded to all the greenhouses of the farm and the mango orchard.

Today the farm is processing at least 10 tons of manure everyday and producing 200 tons of vermicast per month. The farm has over 10 tons of African night crawlers in all it’s vermibins.

Wonders of Vermicompost

Worms break down organic matter and when they eat, they leave behind castings that are an excellent soil enhancer and bioactive high quality fertilizer for organic farming. This is a perfect alternative to using chemical fertilizers, and has been proven in field tests.

The “African Nightcrawler” (Eudrilus eugeniae) is the earthworm species suited to be grown in the Philippines for the production of vermicast. It is also what Kahariam uses to produce it’s vermicast. The African nightcrawler is a very efficient waste converter and produces substances beneficial to plants.

Our Vermicast is 100% castings of worms. It is the ideal organic fertilizer for your plant and crop farming neeeds.

The Benefits of Vermiculture