Who We Are

The farm is located in the province of Batangas, between the boundary of 2 cities: Lipa City in Barangay Adya & Ibaan City where it’s entrance is in Barangay Calamias.

The name “Kahariam” was created by taking a syllable from the farm owners children: KAHLIL, HANNA, RIA and HYRAM. The farm was just for personal consumption of the family due to their interest in clean food. But this passionate hobby of farming has now become a full-fledged certified organic farm that aims to share the importance of eating right through organic food while taking care of the environment through organic farming practices.

Here at Kahariam Farms, we promote eco-friendly ways of producing our own food with minimal cost; educating students on the importance and benefits of having clean, pesticide free vegetables, and a healthy lifestyle. By availing our farm tour, we can teach you how we do it using our main product, the “Biyaya ng Kalikasan Vermicast”. With this zero waste technology we use and the benefits of urban farming, you do not need to have a huge amount of land or a lot of money to produce your own organic produce and have a healthy lifestyle.

  • After using a quarter ton of vermicast in 2 hectares of land I experienced my seedlings had higher vigor when transplanted in the field. Vermicast provided growth promoters that enable the seedlings to growth faster and healthier compared to those without vermicast.

    Farmer Nestor Kalaw
    Vermicast Customer
  • I bought 2 tons of vermicast to plant on my 1.5 hectares of ampalaya. My ampalaya became larger and heavier with the use of vermicast. Three pieces of it weighed more than a kilogram.

    Farmer Anatolio Gonzales
    Vermicast Customer
  • Overnight Organic Farm Tour Field Trip

    Kahariam Farm was an enriching experience for our students and teachers alike. We discovered the beauty of a simple life, going back to what is natural, and more importantly, it taught our students to value the hard work farmers put into every grain of rice on our plate. Its thrust for organic farming is in line with our school's advocacy for peace education, specifically, caring for the earth. We are truly thankful for the Kahariam experience and we feel blessed to now share this advocacy with them as we plant more seeds of hope and love for humanity in our children and the Filipino youth of today.

    Kristine V. Canon
    School Director
    Create & Learning Paths School
  • We enjoyed a lot our stay at Kahariam Farm. We were 45 persons for a seminar and all facilities were really adapted for our needs (rooms, conference room, eating room…). The staff was really nice and helpful for any situations. If you’re looking for a nice and quiet place not so far from Manila for a seminar, this is the place for you!

    Lucie Vandecandelaere
    Coordinator of Sponsorship Programs
    Enfants du Mekong