Have Kahariam Farms be your base for agritourism in Batangas. Here are some fun things to see and do that are close to Kahariam and can easily become a day trip activity for you and your company.

Padre Garcia Livestock Auction Market, Batangas

Looking to purchase or sell livestock, or just want the see the largest livestock auction market in the Philippines? Padre Garcia has just that to offer. Buy, sell, and or appreciate the biggest and most organized livestock auction market in the Philippines.

“Egg Capital” San Jose, Batangas

San Jose, Batangas is commonly known as the egg capital of the Philippines due to the large volume of eggs the town produces. There are numerous egg farms in the area, including but not limited to, Rosendo’s Poultry Farm, San Jose Egg Farm, and Batangas Egg Producers Cooperative.

International Training Centre for Pig Husbandry (ITCPH) Lipa, Batangas

The ITCPH located in Lipa, Batangas is a one stop shop for people to learn how to raise pigs. There are numerous piggeries not only in the area but in the whole of the Philippines, the ITCPH educates those who work with and around piggeries many of who, are in our local farms.

Bee Nurseries, Lipa and San Jose, Batangas

Bees are extremely important, they pollinate and give life to produce and vegetation all around the world, aside from this they can produce help produce many useful products. Here in the Batangas area there are many bee farms that help bees become the pollenzires our earth needs today and the producers of many fruitful products such as honey and bee’s wax. Some note worthy farms in the Batangas area include but are not limited to, Milea Bee Farm, Honey House Honey Bee Farm, and Richbee Honeybee Farm.

Milea Bee Farm Website

Honey House Honey Bee Farm

Richbee Honeybee Farm FBpage

Southern Tagalog Integrated Agriculture Research Centre (STIARC), Lipa

Research is an important factor in many things, without it our world wouldn’t evolve and grow. Research helps us learn new things and thats why it is essential that we have a space that focuses on agricultural research for the world has many things for us to still discover and learn. Visit STIARC for an educational tour of what new things are being studied in the agricultural realm of Lipa and the Philippines.


The Outlets at Lipa

Everyone enjoys a good bargain and thats exactly what outlets are for, so have a day trip to The Outlets at Lipa, where you can expiernce american style outlet shopping with bargains for everyone. Opening soon!

The Outlets at Lipa Website